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    April 8-10, 2014 – Centro Banamex – Mexico City, Mexico

    The mission of the Mexico Fire Expo is to provide a forum to inform, train and educate industry  professionals in Mexico on fire, life safety and electrical issues.

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10 years

NFPA Mexico Fire Expo 2014

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NFPA Mexico Fire Expo will be taking place April 8-10, 2014 for its 10th annual edition.  

The annual co-locating event with Expo Seguridad Mexico and Expo Seguridad Industrial promises to bring an indispensable audience mix of end-users, third-party integrators, installers, consulting engineers, and service providers who specify, purchase or install fire and life safety products.  

In 2013, these three events attracted an audience of 15,985 with 32% or 5,154 professionals expressing an interest in fire protection products and services.

The Comprehensive Trade Fair for Mexico’s Built Environment

In all, over 400 suppliers will be demonstrating products, services and technologies for protecting property and managing a safe, successful and trouble-free building, plant, campus or complex.
Experience the synergy created by combining the leading events from these three complementary, interrelated industry sectors.

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The Integrated Event for Security, Safety, Fire & Facilities Sectors in Mexico

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